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I Got a Boy - SNSD

Anonymous asked: The only member with light colour hair? What about Kasai Tomomi? would you call her gyaru? she's Tomochin's best friend and she has light hair colour, gets her nails done, and is fashionable,you want to call her gyaru too? Tomochin is not the only member that has her hair dyed, what about Mariko, Kojiharu, Takamina and graduated Oshima Mai etc. btw gyaruchin was only a one time thing, she wore a wig for that and it didn't look very gyaru either.

Why are you even fighting me on this? LOL You’re anonymous haha Its not a big deal. If a Japanese person looks at pictures of all the girls with dyed hair from AKB48, most of the people will point at Tomochin if they were asked which one of the girls are gyaru. Its just the look of that Tomochin has that makes her gyaru. None of the other members have the gyaru look that Tomochin has. And Tomomi Kasai is not Tomochins best friend. Her best friend is Reina Trindle. LOL